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Established 2010

 Welcome to Bing's Eatery.  It has been seven years since we first opened our doors to Nova Scotia and it's visitors and a lot has changed since then.

We opened out of a love for food and the fact that, at the time, there as no where in the area to sit down and have a fresh meal.  It only made sense to us that we would open an establishment that was comfortable and catered to food lovers of all kinds.

We are so lucky to live and work in an area that is prosperous in agriculture.  We are literally surrounded by farms.  We also carry 100% Nova Scotian spirits, wine and craft beer.

From the beginning we have been "fryer-free", we believe in fresh food, quality ingredients, organic where we can, and of course local.  

We are slow food.  We believe in preparing food with love and great attention to detail. That means your dough is being hand tossed to order, your baked fries are being hand cut, your fresh vegetables are being cut right before being cooked or plated. There are no assembly lines, nothing is from a box, everything is hand crafted and made from scratch.

Our menu is small and selective, showcasing what we do best, using the freshest of ingredients we love and food that we ourselves enjoy.  

 Because our team is small it allows us to keep our quality high and consistent ensuring the plates we provide are delivered just the way we would want to have them presented to us.

We look forward to your visit, to providing you with a different experience and most of all making you smile, because you feel good and your belly and heart are full.






"This place is a gem. Out of the way and easy to pass by but worth traveling for, the food was delicious and the service excellent. 
I don't give complements easily since I am a professional chef and know what good food is supposed to taste like. 
This is fine dining at just slightly above diner prices. 
Do not miss this place is you are any where within range
John, New York

"Quaint building. Charming town. World class food. Definitely worthy of the world class tides and scenery. Even though we were staying around the corner, I'd easily drive an hour to experience this thoughtful delightful cuisine."
Diane, Texas 

"This place is in the middle of nowhere and it's absolutely phenomenal."
Stephanie, Toronto

"Bing's is where simplicity and complexity create the perfect helix of flavour.  Locally crafted wines and beers coupled with the local ingredients to make the perfect menu"                  Fred, Halifax

"This eatery's simple exterior disguises the fact that the food is delicious, well presented and modern. There is an emphasis on good local produce and the dishes are uncomplicated but full of flavour and interest. This is clever food presented in an unpretentious and inviting way"                                                                                        Jennifer, Edinburgh

" Go to Bing's and go out of your way to get there! We would rave about this place if it were in New York, Paris or Sydney, Australia. The fact that it is located in quiet Maitland is nothing short of remarkable. It's location does afford Bing's the advantage of sourcing very fresh, very local and very organic produce, herbs, seafood and meat. The menu is surprisingly varied and the owners make a point of complementing their locally sourced food with Nova Scotia wines and beers."                                                                                        Heather, Philadelphia